We pledge ourselves to outstanding project

At Docanalytica-AI  an advanced AI and Text Mining technology company, our mission is to empower businesses to efficiently and accurately analyze unstructured text data through the use of advanced AI and text mining technologies. We believe that the insights hidden within unstructured text data can be a powerful tool for driving business strategy and improving operational efficiency. By providing innovative AI and text mining solutions, we aim to help businesses unlock the full potential of their unstructured text data, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and achieve their goals.”

Our Team

Sameh Shamroukh, Ph.D.

Sameh Shamroukh, an experienced technology professional with 25 years of extensive background in the enterprise, analytics, and supply chain software sector, currently holds the position of Chief Strategist and Customer Success Officer at DocAnalytica-ai. With a profound knowledge of the industry, Sameh has a proven track record of spearheading strategic endeavors that have resulted in substantial growth and enhanced profitability for various companies. Prior to the establishment of DocAnalytica-ai, Sameh Shamroukh held various roles, where they spearheaded the creation of pioneering strategies that brought about a transformation in the company’s business model. Sameh is recognized as a thought leader within the industry, frequently delivering presentations at conferences and contributing articles on the utilization of AI and ML techniques for supply chain analytics. Sameh has earned a Ph.D. in data analytics.

Munshi Alam

Munshi is a technology consulting services veteran with over two decades of software engineering and product development. Munshi has led teams to develop cutting edge products that have revolutionized the way supply chain industry. Prior to founding DocAnalytica-ai, Munshi held various leadership roles at top tech companies.  Munshi holds a Master’s from Rutgers University, USA and a Bachelor in Technology from IIT Kharagpur, India. Munshi is passionate about soccer and enjoys coaching soccer to young kids.

Reza Yoosoofmiya, Ph.D.

Reza brings a deep technical expertise in AI, and is influential in shaping the technical product, ensuring that it is both scalable and reliable.

Reza holds a Ph.D. Degree in Physics from University of Pittsburgh